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42 Miles and a Smile

Yesterday we had one of those unicorn days.  52° (11C) at the end of January? I can remember, maybe fifteen years ago, golfing at the beginning of January – it was even warmer, but we don’t see this too often.

On the other hand, my back is protesting over something.  I think I pulled a muscle or one of the bikes is off, but there was no way I was missing out on riding outside.  I sucked it up, suited up and rolled out.

The first eight miles or so were a little dicey.  The temp was just below freezing and the roads were a little sketchy due to a touch of frozen fog.  Fortunately it wasn’t so bad we couldn’t keep the bikes upright.  Then it started to warm up.  It went from 31 degrees to 40, fast.  I was on the Trek and something interesting happened… about ten miles in, my back loosened up.  The rest of the 27 miler was awesome.  My buddy, Mike, about three miles from home shouted, “This is so much FUN!”  I couldn’t have agreed more.

The Title of the post is 42 miles and a smile, not 27 though…  My wife had a meeting in the morning and couldn’t ride with Mike, Phill, Diane and I so after she got home I suited up again and put in another 15 miles with her on the tandem before taking the kids to swim practice.  So, 42 miles and a little bit of sweat.  My back is a little angry this morning, but it’ll hold together.  It had better.

We’re on the road on the tandem again this morning.  Winter in Michigan, there will be plenty of time to ride the couch and the trainer.  we make hay while the sun is shining.  End of story.