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Is there any amount of comfort worth owning an ugly bike? I think not…

Trigger (heh) warning:  While I embrace as kin all form of cyclist, from the La-Z-Boy recliner recumbent cyclist to the leisure and beach comber cruising bike rider to the weekend warrior cyclist, to the enthusiast and aged enthusiast alike, racers and pros, I wouldn’t want to ride with a few of those listed.  I’m too fast or they’re too fast, it is what it is, I like to ride with the fitter, faster crowd, but only to a point…  Just because I don’t like or wouldn’t ride a particular style of bike, that doesn’t make me right or the bike wrong.  You ride what puts a smile on your mug, and so will I.  You have been trigger (heh) warned.

I was thinking, this morning, about how fortunate I am to know where I fit in the cycling world.  I know my place, I know where I fit, and I am happy with it.  It is a good place to be.

I read an article on Outside online about the new science out that says bike saddles don’t pose a threat to men’s… erm… health – even though back as late as 2005 there were still reports citing studies that did link “bike seats” to problems.  Toward the end of the Outside article by Eben Weiss, the author gets into some of the different saddles that have been created to bring more comfort to time in the saddle (thankfully, I ride a bike with a “saddle”, not a “seat”).  Which, in turn, brought about my line of thought as the discussion pertains to my Specialized…


Let’s say they came up with some form of saddle that resembled, in size, one of those big-ass leisure seats (notice I switched to saddle to seat?  That was purposeful).  Let’s say it was the most amazingly comfortable saddle known to cycling, but it was more of a seat…  Would I put one of those big, ugly bastards on my Venge for comfort’s sake?

Say going from this:


to this:


You know what?  I wouldn’t.  My bike is set up well enough and the saddle is more than comfortable enough that I’d say, “No f’in’ way.  More comfort isn’t worth that.  It’s simply a bridge too far”.  There is a limit to how far I would go in putting comfort before cool.

Now, you come up with something that looks as good as my current saddle and is more comfortable… well, then we can talk.