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A Full Kit for $40? Seriously?… And it’s NOT all Bad.

Seriously, a full kit for $40?Coconut Ropamo Pro Team Summer Bib and Jersey.JPG

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law sent me an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas and after buying a pair of top-notch work boots, I had a little bit of cash left…. $43 to be specific, so I thought maybe I could pick up a cheap, Chinese jersey.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the kit above for $39.98.

So here’s the full skinny on the Coconut Ropamo Team Summer Kit…

The chamois is quite nice.  Surprisingly, actually.  I expected a 20-30 mile kit.  I wouldn’t be afraid to wear that kit on a 100km ride, without hesitation.

The jersey isn’t well cut for fit.  For me, the arms are a little tight and the body is a little loose and long, though my daughter said I look good.

The bibs feel really nice though the upper shoulder straps have that seam right up the middle.  That’s a little off-putting but I’m not one to have problems with seams, so they felt great to me.

Here’s the one problem:  Like many higher quality kits on the market these days, you can tell my religion in those shorts.  My wife has informed me that I am not to wear them in the presence of other women and I will be relegated to non-stop rides so I won’t have to get off the bike.  I don’t necessarily blame her for implementing the rules, either.

Still, if you’ve got serious budget limits, you could do a lot worse, for more money, than the Coconut Ropamo kit.  The kit is much better than the price tag suggests, especially the chamois – and that’s the part that really counts anyway.