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Cycling Season is only a few short Weeks Away… It’s Time to Be Ready.

February 2018
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As winters go, I was right when I predicted in October that we’d have a brutal one this year. We had two el Niño years in a row and managed a lot of cycling outdoors through the off-season. There was no way we were getting away with three in a row…

Since New Year’s Day we’ve been outside all of four days and we’re in the process of getting another four inches of snow today which means about 16″ of snow since Friday (40cm+). I don’t see us heading outside any time soon, either – I’m guessing it’ll be March before we can get out there with any regularity. I’m ready, though. I’m pushing the hardest gear I’ve got on the hardest setting on my trainer – I don’t have the gear to do any better. I’m in even better shape than I was last year.

Last year I’d spend time in my highest gear but maybe two-thirds of a workout, once or twice a week. This year I’m spending entire workouts in the last gear, without a need for easier rest days…

To keep this short, it’s time to put the hammer down. You can pay now or you can pay later. One way or another you’re going to pay.

Pay now and everyone you ride with will have to catch up to you over the next four months. Pay later and you’re the one playing catch up.

It is what it is.



  1. Manu Stanley says:

    40+ cm of snow! That must be chilling, brother. Ride safe! 🙂

  2. JustI says:

    I’ll send you a southerly breeze from the Trade winds. It’s officially in the 80s in Florida, and I’m back in shorts…. well, except when I’m wearing those yoga pants 🙂

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