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First Two-a-Day of 2018 – Unorthodox Absolutely, but Two Indeed…

February 2018

It’s a rare day in February I’m going to ride twice in one day. In fact, yesterday very well could have been my first ever. For February. Just want to be clear…

It was supposed to be a perfect morning for a ride. Wait, back it up… It was a perfect morning for a ride. Sun, mild temp and minor breeze. Where that got messed up was the inch of snow that was dropped on the roads the night before. That turned into slop and ice overnight with the temp hoovering around freezing.

I cancelled the ride and Mrs. Bgddy and I put our miles in on the trainer around 10 a.m. It started warming up just about the time we were wrapping up, but it was gnarly wet out. Without an Ass-saver there was no way.

Around noon, any hint of a cloud moved off – blue sky, sunshine, and the temp warming up to the low 40’s… there’s just no way I can pass that up. The only question in my mind was, Trek or gravel bike?

With the new stem and cockpit on the Trek, I wanted had to try it out on the road.

Well, the feel of the new set-up was fantastic. The extra seven degrees of drop to the stem was exactly what I’d hoped for. I am fairly certain if I’d gone with a 25° stem it would have been too much.

My average speed wasn’t all that impressive, actually it was quite slow, but for this early in the season and for the second ride in a day, I can live with it. I was a little bummed that I had to ride solo, but better to ride solo than not at all.

And with that, it’ll be back on the trainer tonight. Nice temps but rain that’s supposed to be measurable in “inches” will be enough to keep me inside. The rain is good news, though – it’ll wash the roads off.

For my buddy, Steve… check out the rear wheel in the photo above… Cheap rear wheel for the trainer – the rear wheel that matches the front has a new tire on it and is waiting to be swapped out in the event I can take it outdoors in the near future. No changing tires, just wheels and a small adjustment of the rear derailleur to get everything lined up right. Twenty seconds instead of five minutes.


  1. Thanks for the pic of the wheels. I am stopping by to see my friend, Pete, this evening to see what he has for wheels.

  2. I’m a triathlete in a big block of bike work right now and riding 2-a-days is the norm for me now. I’ve been very surprised at my jump in fitness from doing this as I was already biking a fair bit on singles.

  3. Manu Stanley says:

    Enjoy the road! 🙂

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