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From Medrooms To Boardrooms

If you’re interested in nursing, read the linked post…

Cycling Season Begins… The Bikes are ready and for Me, it’s about Time.

I spend the cycling off-season getting the bikes ready for the next year.  New cables, new chains – in this year’s case, new brake calipers on my wife’s and my A bike.  I also attended to some simple projects like having my name put on the Trek and hooking that bike up with a more aggressive front end.  Best I can tell, we’re ready to go.

I thoroughly enjoyed this winter.  While I rode most every day on the trainer,  I enjoyed the simple schedule and putting in some miles in front of the television – unquestionably boring, but the flexibility in the schedule wasn’t so bad.

Different this year, I got a lot of good maintenance work done on the bikes and that, surprisingly, kept me engaged and constantly looking forward to the coming spring. My wife’s bike is in fantastic shape and probably got the most meaningful upgrade of all of the bikes.  The new brakes are going to vastly improve the handling of her bike.  The Venge was fairly straightforward, and the Trek jumped in stature from just my “rain bike” to a righteous classic steed.  Other than wheels, in the distant future, the bike is as good as I can get it.

So, with the temperature outside finally topping freezing (it’s been colder than normal for most of the winter) and looking like they’ll hold for the foreseeable future, cycling season starts today.  In just under two hours my friends will start showing up and we’ll roll out….

For those who are cooped up for the winter, you know how good this day feels;  It’s finally time to get some fresh air!