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Freaking Unbelievable: Our First Ride of the Season (Before the Season Technically Begins) is Just what the Doctor Ordered. Um, Literally and Figuratively.

We rolled out at 9 am, shortly after I pulled into the driveway after dropping the kids off for a swim meet.  The temp, a balmy 35° – and that’s in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.  I think that works out to 2C or something.  Rather than rolling out on the tandem, I decided we oughta take the singles out…  I’ve been itching to take the Trek out for a proper ride after I changed up the cockpit.

There were six of us, a decent group for a day just barely the good side of freezing.  We kept it really tame, considering one of the guys who joined us is a serious mountain bike racer.

Folks, we just rode.  32 miles, 18 mile an hour average.  The cool part, at least for me, was that the Trek’s cockpit change really felt great.  See, on the Venge, when my wife takes a turn up front, I can get low enough in the drops to actually get a draft off of her when she gets down on her aero bars.  Worse, she doesn’t know it but she has a tendency to put the hammer down because she can’t see her computer – getting a decent draft is fairly important behind her:

That wasn’t the case on the Trek – the front end was just a little too high, so my head and shoulders were out of the draft.  Now I can get down low enough that I’m entirely in the draft.

32 miles for the first ride of the new season – and I could have easily done 40+.  This is going to be a great year – I haven’t lost a beat from last fall.

There was an unfortunate part to our ride.  We started out with the wind at our back.  We fought the wind all the way home, which meant that we were a little chilly by the time we pulled into the driveway.  On the other side of that, we spent more than an hour and three-quarters in the fresh air.  Forget about all of the weight benefits and the cardiovascular benefits…  A ride outside does the soul good.  As the day went on, I felt more grateful for having gone out.  After a long, cold winter with a bunch of snow, there’s nothing better than finally getting outside.