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One More Awesome Ride Before the Snow Hits… The BEST Part of Being Super-Ultra-Uber-Fit.

Sadly, we’re going to be a little iffy on whether or not we’ll be riding outdoors this weekend. We’re supposedly going to be back into the snow today, though we’re only supposed to be getting an inch. Oh, and 40 mph winds (64 km/h), there is that. Friday we’re supposed to have some sun but again with the 25+ mph winds. We’ll have to see if the snow melts, too. That leaves the weekend, and hope… We’ve got low 40’s and sunshine in store for us – definitely rideable weather. Though each morning will be well below freezing. Hopefully it’ll warm up quick.

And with that, we come to the Title of this post: The best part of being fit. That super-ultra-uber crap was just click bait. I have no clue what it’s like to be super-ultra-uber-fit. I’m just pretty fit. Enough to have immense fun with it. Anyway, I digress…

I rode yesterday evening with my friend, Chuck. I made it back from a 20+ mile ride with about 20 minutes to spare before dark. It was my third day in a row riding outdoors in a perfect month – 30 rides in 28 days – no days off. There’s no way, six or seven years ago, I could have ridden like that. I needed days off, rest time, and so forth…

It was 61 degrees yesterday, with barely a breeze to slow us down. I rode in arm and knee warmers instead of the normal two layers of tights, shorts, base layer, mid-layer, outer layer, neck gaiter, full winter gloves, hat, foot covers, and wool socks. Chuck and I knocked out a 20 mile ride in just over an hour with a little bit of faffing about… and it was awesome. We were talking most of the time. Well, except for the 23+ mph miles and there were more than a few of those. I thought, more than once, “This is so freaking awesome!”

My friends, the best part of being fit – super-ultra-uber or otherwise, is being able to experience moments like I had yesterday… whenever they present themselves and without having to worry about whether I have enough gas in the tank. I have my limits, of course… but not many. And for that, I am grateful.

Getting to be conditioned enough to ride daily isn’t easy. It takes dedication, determination, and desire… but, having experienced the benefits, it is so worth it.  Ride hard my friends.