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Daily Archives: March 5, 2018

An Almost Perfect Weekend for a Bike Ride.

Friday proved unwise for a ride. We got a little too much snow on Thursday. Throughout the day, though, the clouds broke and the sun warmed the roads enough to melt everything off. Saturday was good for riding – a little cold, mind you, but good enough… 29 (-1C) at the start and 37 (3C) when we pulled into the driveway with 35 miles (56 km).

Sunday was marginally better for temperature but with the better temp came the dreaded wind out of the northeast. Really, it was much worse.  I’d have preferred the colder temp – and it got worse as we went. We started out into a northeasterly wind but shortly before we turned back for home, for what should have been our blessed cross tailwind push, the wind shifted to dead east. We ate wind the entire 39 miles (63 km) and our 17.3 mph average (28 km/h) was proof enough that something wasn’t right. On the plus side, we were all smoked when we pulled into my driveway.  I don’t think any of us had an easy go of it.

In all, a 167 mile week with one day off and only one day on the trainer, it was a great week.  149 on the road, this early, is something to cheer about – especially when one factors in the “feel good” aspect of outdoor cycling.  While the trainer may burn a few calories and allow one to keep most of their fitness, it can’t compare to riding outdoors and the fantastic feeling of joy one gets on completing a ride.

Sadly, it’s back into the freezer for us after today.  We’ve got snow in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday…