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Spring Forward? Well, it’s something Forward, but it doesn’t Feel much like Spring…


The robins are outside my door waving protest signs demanding we bring global warming back…

Sunday Weather

Sadly, that’s not a European weather report – if it were, it’d be awesome. No wind, sunny skies and room temperature to start with the high hitting the low 90’s after lunch? Sign me up for some of that! In about four months… Folks, the normal temp for this time of year is in the low 50’s (11 C) so you can get that -8 C, or 17° F, is a little bit off.

The clocks have moved forward this morning, as they do, but it sure doesn’t look anything like spring around here, with measureable snow on the ground. Still, we’re going to pull out the gravel bikes and soldier on at 10 am as it’ll be a balmy, sunny -4 C… Looking at the bright side of things, at least there won’t be much wind.

1999 Trek 5200T

All dressed up and a bunch of places to go… it’s just too damn cold to go that fast!

We’re not entirely sunk, though. On one hand, while Tuesday night club rides are set to start in three days, there won’t be many who show up this week. With a high for the day just below freezing and 15 mph winds and a spot of snow in the forecast, only those who really need a story to tell their grandkids in 20 years are going to show up. I already spoke with one of the leaders of the A Group and told him there wasn’t any chance I’d be there.

On the other hand, immediately on the other side of that gnarly Tuesday, the temps are supposed to moderate starting on Thursday, culminating in a nice normal temperature day for a Sunday ride. From there it’s supposed to stay cool for another week, but it looks like we should at least stay above freezing. We’re almost there…


  1. Dorothea says:

    springing forward! But unfortunately, the robins don’t have to wish for global warming to come back. It’s here. Just because the weather is usually cold in the northern US doesn’t mean that the world climate isn’t unusually warm. 😦
    On the other hand, I don’t know about you, but 32 celcius is way too warm! The sweet spot is more like 15 degrees. 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, I know dear. I was making a funny – I’ll kneel at the alter as well.

      Of course, I’m more in the “historically global warming is a good thing for humankind” camp, but let’s not get into that on a Sunday, eh? We all need a break from science and logistics.

  2. Super windy here and it was 90 yesterday, but I’m not up early for long hard shop rides anymore. The time I visited mine as the coldest July ever on record. We can hopefully all agree at least there is something going on with the weather without debating why. Anyway, thanks for liking my posts! Happy riding.

  3. Oh, and I thought it was cold here in Midwest USA. I’ll be thankful now! Peace and Joy! SHONA

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