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Daily Archives: March 12, 2018

Tired of being stuck inside; 33 COLD miles

I’m showered, fed, and sitting on the couch in my fleece night pants and robe, wool socks on my feet. I’m still cold…

I almost texted my friends to stay home. My buddy, Mike called and bailed. I hoped nobody would show, then this text popped up from Chuck:

On my way riding over don’t leave without me

I thought, “Well, here we go. It’s gonna be Chuck and me.” I laboriously pulled on the rest of my layers, put my shoes and full foot covers on… hat, gloves and neck gaiter. Thank God it was sunny because it was cold.

I wheeled my bike outside, prepared for that butt-clenching, whoa! It wasn’t that bad, though, as long as you remained in the glorious, stupendous sunshine. I cleared my computer’s trip counter, threw a leg over the top tube and clipped on. My driveway faces west to the road. I got to the road and made my right to go meet Chuck and bam, right into the wind. It wasn’t very strong, the breeze, but holy $#!+ was it cold.

About a half-mile up I met Chuck and we headed back to my place, just in case somebody showed up late… and Doc Mike did, last minute. Mike’s a bit of a horse, and we were on the gravel bikes. Oh boy.

15.9 pounds, aero everything, ultra-fast

23 pounds. Not aero. Not fast.

Bummer, dude.

The three of us rolled out, having picked a route into the wind so we could let it push us home. After four miles I knew it was going to be a decent ride. It was cold but the sunshine tempered it just enough.

17 miles out with a headwind, 16 back home with a tailwind and little north of 17 mph for an average (close to 18).  While it was, without doubt, frigid cold, the presence of the sun kept it enjoyable well beyond my expectations.

We ended up with a little more than 33…  It was certainly better than polishing the leather couch with my butt.