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Daily Archives: March 13, 2018

Daylight Saving Time… It’s My Favorite Week of the Year for Sleep.

You read that title correctly, and I wrote it properly.  The week of Daylight Saving Time, where we spring forward, is my best week of sleep of the entire year.

Normally, because I’m so awesome, I’m an early riser.  I mean 3 am in the morning (Lady Redundant Woman) early riser.  So, from the day we fall back in November, all the way into March, I’m waking up earlier than normal.  This means an average of five or six hours of sleep at night.  Sometimes I might get lucky and run into a seven hour stretch but it’s rare.

Then we spring forward, and for some crazy reason I still fall asleep at 9 in the evening, but I sleep all the way to the alarm at 4:30 am in the morning (Lady Redundant Woman).  I get a full week at better than seven hours of sleep, and it is awesome.

So yeah, I know, complain if you must.  I’m in all of my glory.

Still had to bust out a ride on the trainer yesterday.  It was snowing when I put foot to pedal last evening at 5:30…  I’ll be indoors again tonight – but we’re heading for a warm up this weekend and we’re already making plans to make the best of it.