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To the Woman Who Yelled at My Friends and Me Elms Road the Other Day…

To the woman who yelled at my two friends and me, cruising down the road at 22mph, bright/reflective clothes, blinkie lights on each of our bikes at the appropriate level off the ground, in a perfect pace line on the proper side of the road, riding with traffic on Elms Road at 11:40 Sunday morning, to ride on the sidewalk

First, riding on the sidewalk is illegal, ya dingbat. Only cyclists who want to die ride on sidewalks or into oncoming traffic. Sidewalks are made for? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller… It’s kind of implied in the name of the path.  Walking.

Now, my friends in cars and SUV’s, please listen up… I don’t want to be on a road surface any more than you want me there. Here’s a news flash… we’ve been asking for a 3′ shoulder on roads since, what, 1955? Here’s the best part; country roads with wide shoulders last longer because big dump trucks don’t ride off the side of the road, crumbling them.

Quit yer bitchin’ and contact your local politician and push for shoulders and bike lanes so we can get out of your precious way. It’s a win-win.  As for complaining to/at us with the hope we’ll stay home, you’re better off barking at the moon.


  1. unironedman says:

    Her brain isn’t working; I doubt her ears are any better…

  2. joliesattic says:

    Some people just don’t get it. Fortunately there are fewer of them, but they sure make a loud noise, don’t they?

  3. Dan says:

    Just tell her SHE should stay on her DRIVEway!! Same logic

  4. ericritter65 says:

    reminds me of a time I was cycling at the Jersey Shore, and had a similar experience with, surprisingly, a women driver – from NY! At the next traffic light I saw a police car in a parking lot, pulled in and just wanted to make sure NJ had a share the road rule. And yes the do. As we where chatting, he asked what the vehicle looked like, and lo and behold, she had turned around and was coming to talk the police officer.
    He just said to me, to go finish my ride, he would “explain” the law to her. It was fun to see karma in action (and yes the cop was a cyclist too!)

  5. Now, now, she was just concerned for your safety and felt sorry for your appearance in spandex.

  6. You need shorts that say “If you can read this, you’really too close” across the back.

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