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Four Days, 110 OUTDOOR Miles… And it’s about Time, too! But, the COLD – something about building character, blah, blah, blah…

Friday: 17.6 miles

Saturday: 33.5 miles

Sunday: 41.6 miles

Monday: 17.6 miles

Friday was cold, but it could have been worse. At least the sun was shining.

Saturday morning was worse. Well below freezing. It was so cold, only my buddy Mike and I were dumb enough to ride. Thankfully, not much wind and some bright sunshine kept it reasonable.

Sunday started cold but the abundant sunshine warmed things up quickly. I was underdressed so I started out chilled but within a half-hour, I was perfect.

After work on Monday I was tempted to put some time in on the trainer but the sunshine drew me outdoors into the wind. Oh yippee. You know, 38° (3 C) is a lot colder when the wind is hitting you in the face at, let’s see, 15 mph wind, 18 mph speed… 33 mph… crap, anyway it was cold and I was underdressed – and this time there wasn’t the warming up part from the day before.  I was so cold I didn’t have to wash my long-sleeve thermal jersey – there wasn’t enough sweat to get it wet.

So now, because I write a blog about cycling and recovery, I’m supposed to offer up the normal B.S. about “building character” or something.  Not this time.  I want me some Spring, dammit.  Riding in the cold sucks.  I freaking hate the cold.

Still, four days outside still beats the trainer by a mile. Or 110.

On the plus-side, the Trek is handling (and looking) great