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What Cycling does for Parkinson’s Disease… You have to See this.

My friend, theandyclark sent me this in a comment on my last post… I can’t tell you how glad I am to have fallen into cycling like I have:

Why Green Vegan Smoothies are such an Integral Part of a Weight Loss Diet

You know those nasty, blended vegan, green goop smoothies…  The smoothies they say are an “acquired taste” that, in terms of flavor, really come in somewhere between dirt and your lawn clippings?

I tried one.  Once.  It was much worse than I’d imagined it could be.

They are great for weight loss though.  Blend one up, take a sniff of it (or a tiny sip if you must, to get maximum stomach turnage), then pour it right into the toilet.  Save yourself the trouble of trying to choke that $#!+ down.

That and a cup of coffee, and there’s your breakfast.  Three or four calories on the daily  count.

Wait, I’ve had an epiphany!  Why not just buy a bike, ride the wheels off it and opt for the bacon, egg and cheese bagel instead?

Yes, indeed.  That’s more like it.