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Cycling in Bad Weather may make One a Badass, but this Cold is for the Penguins…


I rolled out with Matt and my buddy, Mike yesterday morning bright and early.  It was 24° (or -4 C most everywhere except ‘Merica) when we headed down the road.  Better, it “felt like” 18.  I won’t bother with the Celsius… it’s freakin’ cold.

I think Matt swore at Mike because it was so stinkin’ cold.  I chuckled.  Mike and I double-teamed Matt into coming out with us Wednesday – we actually went to his wife and asked her if he could come out to play.  We all had a pretty good laugh over the whole thing.

The cold, or what it does to a cyclist, is almost humorous.  Your muscles don’t really work right – the cold takes about two miles an hour out of you, maybe more.  I don’t know why but the cold sucks the speed out of you, it just is what it is.  That said, the cold still beats riding on the trainer, God forbid.

On this day, though, we had a couple of things going for us.  First, the sun was out and it was brilliant.  Second, the wind was fairly mild.  What little there was happened to be dead into us on the way out.  With the exception of a few miles it was at our back for much of the ride home.

I won’t lie, I was surprised… as cold as it was, I actually did have a good time and that’s pretty rare for a ride in the cold.  Oh, and speaking of cold, we’ve only got a few more days of it before it warms up a little bit around here.  About time, too.


  1. theandyclark says:

    FWIW, cold turns my nose into Niagra falls and I’m pretty sure dealing with that does something to my speed. Didn’t somebody say it was spring a couple of days ago?

    • bgddyjim says:

      My BCB Mike has that same problem! He looks like he swallowed a shoe and hiccuped the laces out his nose! They did say something about Spring. Liars!

  2. Manu Stanley says:

    Yes, the cold sucks the speed out of you. Sometimes it is better to keep pedalling because it warms up the body (because of the workout). I had to do that last year, while I was stuck in heavy rains for 13 hours. But yes, the cold takes many miles / kilometers (per hour) from your speed.

  3. I am always amazed and in awe of cyclists’ dedication. Rain, cold, or shine you guys and gals are out there getting your miles in! I have a lot of respect for that!! 😃

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