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Cycling in the Cold? Ditch the Hat and try some Earmuffs… Seriously.


My buddy, Mike brought over a pair of earmuffs for me to try on Saturday, exactly like the pair he wears. I haven’t struggled with a cold dome, I’ve got some decent hats, but he wanted me to try out what he wears.

I doubt I’ll ever go back to hats under the helmet.  Cycling caps, yes, to keep the cold and wind off of my dome, but I’ve got a couple of hats that are going to be washed several times and donated to a charity…

The earmuffs, or “ear warmers” as they’re now referred to because I assume “earmuffs” isn’t cool enough anymore, Mike brought over are Degrees ear warmers by 180s and they’re awesome, and shockingly good at letting traffic noise in while keeping the ears warm.


They’re not cheap, even on Amazon they’re $22, but in my humble opinion they’re worth it. I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to hats to keep my head warm. It was only 24° when we rolled Sunday morning, with a “feels like” temp in the mid-teens and I was fairly comfortable starting out with just the ear warmers and a cycling cap – I was exceptionally snug once we got rolling.

What I really liked was the way they let in traffic noise. One would likely expect that earmuffs would block out road noise (I did), but these don’t.  Not only could I hear perfectly well, I can hear better with them on.

So, if you’re not exactly thrilled at wearing hats to keep your ears warm, give Degrees by 180s earmuffs (warmers) a try – I’ve got the fleece pair. They’re adjustable, too.

One word review:  Fantastic.


  1. drinkdodger says:

    I have these, too. They’re great.

  2. theandyclark says:

    I generally go with a balaclava in cold weather, sometimes two. Probably not as effective for the ears, but does something for the rest of the head. Have you tried that?

    You could probably actually do a balaclava and ear muffs. A think balaclava does a nice job of breaking up the wind.

  3. ericritter65 says:

    love my thin hats, never liked muff, cycling or otherwise, but I’m glad the work for you.

  4. No thanks. I’m bald. Need the covering. Cold head. Case closed. But have at it.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I probably didn’t convey the melon coverage very well… I do wear a cycling cap to keep the cold off of my dome, as does Mike (who is bald as well). The earmuffs, which go around the back of the neck, cover everything below the brain bucket. A neck gaiter gets the neck.

      There isn’t much skin showing when I’m all duded up. I thought I’d be cold, too, the first time I tried the combo. I was mistaken.

      On the other hand, if you’re happy with what works, I definitely understand not wanting to mess with things.

  5. fitnessgrad says:

    Oh goodness, I haven’t worn earmuffs since elementary school, lol

    I never used to wear hats either, but within the last year or so, I have grown to like certain hats on my head. lol.

    I still don’t think I would wear earmuffs though! ahaha

  6. I can’t get on with those things personally, but the wife loves them and has many pairs in different colours and prints!

  7. I tape those air activated glove warmers under my saddle.

  8. MJ Ray says:

    Buffs seem better than muffs to me.

  9. capejohn says:

    I’m committed to stocking hats and a face mask in cold weather.

  10. […] of ear muffs for me the other day, and I was stoked to brake them in. For those not in the know, earmuffs that wrap behind the neck are the best thing since sliced bread for riding in the […]

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