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Rockin’ out some decent Springtime Miles… Sans Springtime.


I have been out but once this year without two layers of tights, three layers up top. Ski gloves, neck gaiter, hat, foot covers, wool socks… the whole ball of wax has been employed just to get off of the trainer and out the door.

In the last ten days, with two days off for crappy weather, I’ve managed to hammer out 294 miles, all outside. They’ve been slow miles, relatively for us, with the cold – nothing saps the speed out of me like freezing temperatures.

Tuesday was one of those days off, rain all day long and I went to see the Redwings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins at the new Little Caesar’s Arena. That they won was awesome because the Wings aren’t exactly good this year.

Going to the game was a great excuse because I needed a day off. I actually needed a day off. I was freaking wrecked.

Since, it was Venge Day on Wednesday, trainer on Thursday, and a ride on the tandem yesterday.

We were supposed to be rained out today but we’re going to be able to sneak a ride in before the rain starts – and it’s actually going to be above freezing for once! Woohoo!

So, with today being the last day of March, even though the month has been crap for cycling, I’m going to beat last year’s 638 March miles by more than 25 miles… It’s a great start for the new season, no doubt about it.

Of course, I don’t have many photos to document the first month of the season… Taking a photo while rolling at 22 mph is hard enough without dealing with multiple layers of clothes.

Actually, if there was a photo from this season that accurately portrayed the season so far, it would be this:


  1. Sheree says:

    Sounds as if you’ve been muffled up a la Michelin man.

  2. Thanks for the likes! Would a guest blog swap be of interest to you?

    • bgddyjim says:

      You’re welcome… I’ll kick it around. That would require I leave my little happy comfort zone. Good for the spirit but uncomfortable by nature. I appreciate the invite.

      • Yes I’m just looking for ways to engage and help others as well as get out there more. We’ll see how first few swaps go. You bike a lot so have something to write about. Ever bike in Texas? Maybe go to three BBQ places, I don’t know. Good to get out of our zones sometimes!

      • bgddyjim says:

        I’ve been to Dallas once, my wife and I attended the Mary Kay shindig (which was AWESOME – they really treat the husbands well)… anyway, played golf. It was hot but I had a great time. One of these days, if I get down that way again, it’ll be with a bike…. so I can have the famous BBQ.

  3. Tony says:

    Interesting that you got a lot of miles in yesterday. I had to pack it in early because the wind was impossible. I see it is below 30F this morning. Happy Easter!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks, Tony. Happy Easter to you as well! This is the coldest Spring I can remember… and that stretches down to Georgia. My brother came home for the Holiday and said it’s been nasty there, too.

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