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Repeat after Me; Wind Builds Character, Wind Builds Character… F***, WIND BUILDS CHARACTER.

Just a few hours before a wind advisory went into effect, we were clipping into our pedals and rolling. It wasn’t warm out but it wasn’t as cold as it’s been around here lately, either.

The wind was dead into our left, from the south. We started out single-file but quickly doubled up so our echelon wouldn’t stretch across both lanes of the road.

We held 18-19 mph easily enough, fair for the temp being barely above freezing and the crosswind. After six miles or so we headed south into the wind. 15 was hard but we managed 16-17. It was fairly comical, actually.

Eight miles later we were done with headwind, a whole lot more whipped.

The next eight miles with a tailwind were a blast, between 23 & 28 mph with a sprint for the Durand City Limits sign that would have gotten us pulled over for speeding had the police witnessed it. Sadly for me, Doc Mike rode my wheel and whipped around me at the last second to take it by a half a wheel. I just didn’t have enough to hold him off.

The final ten miles weren’t quite as fun as the previous eight. The wind had shifted a bit from south to ssw, so we had just a hair of a tailwind with a whole lot of cross… The wind created a rare situation where being at the front was a little easier than being second or third bike in a double echelon. For the back positions 19 mph was tough to hold. From the front, 20 mph was reasonable.

We ended up with a little more than 32-1/2 miles in 1:50 and some change, just shy of 18 mph. Not bad for a blustery, cold Saturday morning in March.

There were a couple of times I thought about sitting up but I didn’t. I held on and hammered it out. Wind sucks, there’s no doubt. It does build character, though. And legs. It builds them too. Ride hard, my friends.