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More Miles, Más Kilómetros, Plus de Kilomètres… This Spring I have to Fit ’em In where I can Get ’em!

I rode indoors yesterday – our third Tuesday night club ride in a row that I’ve missed on purpose due to crappy weather (35° or 1C with rain – and the possibility for a tornado). In fact, the B Group has yet to ride on Tuesday night, the first time I can remember not riding in March at least once on Tuesday evening. The good news is, historically, the worse the weather is in the Spring, the better it is during the summer.  I knocked on wood, of course.

Monday afternoon was a different story. I took the good bike out for an easy spin around the proverbial 17-1/2 mile block. I knew good and well I wasn’t going to be riding Tuesday but at the same time, I was pretty sure I needed a day off after 100 tough miles over the weekend in exceptionally cold temperatures (10-15° below normal for the last several weeks).

Still, as gnarly as the weather’s been around here, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. And 45° (7 C) with sunshine is as good as it was going to be for a bit, so I bit the bullet and headed out into the wind (northwest, so thankfully I ate it all the way out and it pushed me home).

The goal was to best an hour and some change, thinking a little active recovery was in order. The goal was 16-16.5 mph or about 26 km/h.

I love the first few Venge days of the year. Going from months on the Trek to the Venge is like the jump from a Mustang GT350 to a Ferrari Aperta… Not that I know what an Aperta rides like, but you get the idea.

Anyway, I blasted out 45 minutes on the trainer and as we’re getting snow today it’ll be back on the trainer this evening. Maybe there will be a chance to sneak in a ride outside tomorrow evening. I’ve gotta squeeze them in where I can for right now. From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be close to June before we hit shorts and jersey weather around here. Bummer.