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How to Cheat Your Springtime Training to Ride Faster…

I’ve written before about how to use your winter to train hard enough that you can go into Spring stronger than you’ve ever been.  It’s simple:  Push a harder gear on the trainer.  I’ve been pushing the 52/11 and my Spring is much more enjoyable when I don’t have to suffer every moment I’m out there.  I’ve done it the last two years and it works – well.
1999 Trek 5200T
There’s a trick I use for Spring base miles as well, but this one’s going to suck a little bit so grab your butt with both hands…  And hang on, baby Jesus.  This is gonna get bumpy.

I cheat my Spring by riding cheap, slow wheels on the rain bike for the first couple of months of the season.  It’s a lot more work to keep up and I have to take the good bike out every now and again just so I can remember how much faster I’ll be for the effort, but it’s worth going to the trouble.  When I figure the good bike and the better wheels into the equation, I’m easily a mile an hour faster without doing anything above and beyond riding.   Better, when it’s time to switch to the Venge, I can have a lot more fun on a ride.

I have to stop for a nature break?  No problem, the group can keep going and I’ll be able to work my way back within a few miles.  I need to wolf down a banana on the fly?  No worries, I can sit on at the back and won’t even get dropped.  Sprint for the City Limits sign?  Fuhgeddaboutit.  They’d better hope they ate their Wheaties…


The point is, a little extra effort goes a long way later in the season once I start bumping into some serious miles…. and nothing beats the extra confidence.