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Nothing Beats a Calm Cruise when the Temp’s too Cold for Comfort

I can’t believe I just wrote that Title. I’m pretty much all go most of the time, especially over the weekends, but I hate riding in temps below freezing. Well, hate is a powerful word. I don’t have as much fun riding in the cold so it bums me out to no end that I’m not enjoying myself as much as I would if I were in shorts and short sleeves.

Anyway, we decided on mountain bikes a couple of hours before the ride because the heavens opened up Friday evening and dropped an inch of snow on us. Not much, but it doesn’t take much to wipe someone out on 23-26mm tires and it was butt cold outside all night long. We chose dirt roads because there’s more grip on the dirt.

Mrs. Bgddy wanted to ride her gravel bike. I chose my mountain bike for the extra work, but imagine my surprise when Mike rolled by the driveway five minutes before the start on his gravel rig… I put my pedals on the gravel bike, quickly, and got my butt out the door. Our rides have a tendency to get a little silly and I didn’t need that big a built-in disadvantage.

And much to my surprise, the pace was comfortable and fun. Plenty of jokes, laughing, and my wife and I even broke into a little game of bike tag. I wasn’t warm, but I certainly wasn’t too cold, either. It was my first time riding in the “stupid” cold that I genuinely had fun. I didn’t have to burn off a bunch of crappy food, I didn’t have to push the pace to get faster, I just sat in and enjoyed the ride.

22.5 miles

1:41:15 rolling time

22 degrees actual temp (-5 C)

Feels like temp (w/ wind chill): Butt f***in’ cold; 16 degrees (-9 C)

Did I get faster yesterday? Nope, but I didn’t get slower, either… and I definitely didn’t get fatter. And I kicked everyone’s @$$ who stayed inside because it was too cold….