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Daily Archives: April 12, 2018

… And Spring Finally Shows Up.

My eldest daughter had a recognition ceremony for my wife and I to attend last evening. Thankfully she’s much more intelligent than her dad. That ceremony put a crunch on time on the day spring finally showed up.

I split an hour early and rolled for home. I had my bike prepped and ready to go and I was out the door exactly one hour earlier than normal.

Arm warmers, leg warmers and a vest…. that’s all I needed and I was overdressed. And that was awesome.

With the sunshine and the temp in the mid 50’s, we also got some wind. Wind through spring is par for the course. Besides, anyone who rides a bike knows that wind, below gale force, builds character.

Well, character was built yesterday evening. And a smile was stretched across my face, dead into the wind.  I didn’t care that 16 mph was hard to maintain, even in the drops.  It was only about being out there.

I was sweating and it was glorious.

Finally. An easy 17-1/2 miles in an hour. Perfect.