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Daily Archives: April 20, 2018

The Never-ending Winter gave Me an Opportunity to Learn how to Train Better on the Turbo… err Trainer.

When winter throws you $#!+ stained snow, make $#!++¥ snowballs…

It was 35° (1 C) with a brisk 18 mph wind from the west for last evening’s Tuesday Night Club Ride. I didn’t even take the Trek off of the trainer. That temp is more than 25° (8 C) below normal. F**********ck THAT!

Mrs. Bgddy has been a little impatient with my penchant for blaring Star Wars over our Bose Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system. You know how it sounds in a theater? My living room system is almost that good – certainly louder. It’s freaking fantastic.  Unless you’re my wife, apparently.

Anyway, happy wife, happy life, I opted to spin outside of the box with my movie watching last week. I dug out a pair of ear buds and sat my phone on my Trek’s sweat thong, tuned in to Alien Covenant and cranked it up.

Halfway through I became acutely aware of how hard I was spinning. Sweat rolled off the tip of my nose. My bibs were wet with sweat and my shirt was drenched. To be honest, I was a little surprised that I had another gear on the trainer.

I didn’t let up, either.  I just let myself get lost in the movie and rolled on.

I’ve had three days on the trainer since switching from the big screen to the small and all three were excellent. I’m sure I’ll switch back when my wife and I are riding together, but as good as those three trainer sessions were, I’m quite happy with the small screen. It’s a better way for me to train on the trainer.

All of that trainer BS is out the window, though. Finally.  I’ll publish a post about my laughable Wednesday ride tomorrow, but we are beginning a week of fantastic weather. Sunshine and mercifully average temps (low 60’s). It’s time for some big miles.