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The Best Part of Cycling is the Friends

May 2018

I love cycling for the toys.  My bikes are awesome, all of them.  I love that, out of all of the male midlife crisis hobbies out there, I chose the one that, once the bikes are paid for, runs on fat – not my wallet.  I was about [] that close to getting into sports cars for a hobby and I’m glad I didn’t.

I love the fitness involved in cycling as well.  What other sport allows one to eat pulled pork sammiches with impunity (but within reason, you frickin’ buzz kill)?

I love the road trips.  I love the scenery.  I love the effort, and I love the fresh air.

Best of all, though, is the friends.  I would ride my bikes daily, solo.  I’d suit up every single time it wasn’t raining out and I’d put my miles in…  I would.

But it wouldn’t be near as enjoyable without my friends.

Best of all, though, is being able to ride with my best friend in the whole world…

My friends, if at all possible, join a club.  Join in.  Ride hard.  And enjoy.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


  1. fitnessgrad says:

    I have to agree with this 100 percent. I find that the relationships you make with others doing something we enjoy or have a passion for is always very rewarding — especially when they feel the same way we do about the sport and/or activity. I think we can sometimes take for granted the relationships/bonds we form with people that happen to stumble in our lives for the better, but I tell you what, the older I have become, the more i realize how important it is to strive to continue to build on these bonds, because they are priceless 🙂


  2. Sandra says:

    Those photos make me smile. I should probably find some friends to ride with. There are plenty here in town, for crying out loud.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Sandra, I kid you not, I used to love cycling when I rode solo all of the time but I had no idea what I was missing. Riding with my buds is where it’s at.

      • Sandra says:

        I LOVE riding alone. It sometimes felt like an imposition when hubby came along (mostly because I was training and had a routine I needed to accomplish). . . but now that he mostly sails and almost never rides with me, I miss him.

        I have several women to ride with, but just cannot get myself to do it. . . Maybe with this gravel bike, things will change (because I don’t know the best gravel roads around town).

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