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The Longest Ride of the Year on the Best Day of the Year

We’re starting to ramp things up for the new season a little early.  After the winter that wouldn’t go away, we’ve skipped right through the tough part of spring and gone straight into the best part of spring – and it seems May, at least, is acting as May should.

We rolled out with a plan yesterday morning:  Twelve and a half miles to the Club Ride meeting place, then roll with the twelve-hour challenge folks to pull for them on their first 55 mile loop, then back home.  It should have worked out to 80 miles but we got a bonus 1.8 (131 km total).

It was one of those perfect days made for cycling.  A light breeze, just enough to let you know it’s there, but not so bad you can’t hide in a group.  Sunny, warm (it did start out cool but it was nice enough, barely, to start in shorts).  We were in the service of the twelve-hour challenge riders who ride pretty slow, so it was also one of those hands on the bar tops, don’t bother with the drops, lots of talk amongst friends, rides.

It wasn’t perfect, of course.  You put fifteen or twenty cyclists together, there are bound to be some minor clashes – and I learned something valuable from one of mine yesterday morning.  That’s always a good thing.  Clashes yes, crashes no… none of those.

So out we went, into the wind for the first bunch of miles (I think it was near 45 miles before we saw our first tailwind) before looping back home, letting the wind do the pushing, just a bunch of friends out to spend four hours rolling about the countryside, working on our tan (and good God do we need it!  Can you say pasty?!).  I had some trouble with my rear wheel on the Trek, bearings or something, but she held together till we pulled into the driveway.

Oh how I missed this!

81.8 miles in 4:36:54, an easy 17.7 mph average pace.