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Beating the Rain; Almost!

May 2018

My wife and I rode with our friends, Mike and Diane yesterday morning.  We were due for a rainout that was supposed to start at noon, according to the weather reports.  We only had eyes on 40 miles so that was a fair bit of time more than we’d need.

Let’s shorten the story.

At 15.77 miles into our ride, it started to sleet – and not just a little bit.  Our faces were getting pelted and it was nasty.  We decided to cut it short and head back, just in case.  That proved to be a wise choice.  The clouds spit at us, sporadically, all the way home.  Nothing crazy, nothing ugly, just a bit of sleet here and a sprinkle there.  The pavement was dry almost all the way home.

Two miles out and I thought we were going to make it.  Half a mile later we were wet.  The sleet turned to straight rain and picked up in intensity till the road was soaked.  Worse, I’d taken the Venge because I hadn’t ridden it since Tuesday.  Hey, the weather report said noon, not Ten!

We pulled into the driveway, not quite soaked but far from dry, with exactly 30 miles and a couple of wet bikes.  We wheeled the bikes into the house, logged our miles, wiped the bikes down and hit the shower.  Afterward, just for good measure, I degreased the chains and lubed them up for tomorrow.  No sense in leaving the chains all nasty.

I’ve got a post that’ll publish later this afternoon, a review of my new knee, leg and arm warmer set that I got to test on this ride, the first day cold enough to need them since they were delivered.



  1. Tony says:

    Jim, as a fellow Midwesterner, who lives with the vicissitudes of weather, I use the weather app on my iPhone to check the radar before I go out. I have found that is excellent for keeping me apprised of conditions present and upcoming. The only thing that doesn’t show up on radar is mist. Fortunately, mist is rare, so the phone has kept me dry for several years now. If you are interested check out Weather Underground, free, and Dark Skies – $3.99. I love Dark Skies because it gives a ton of information and pinpoints it to where you are standing. Previously, I was fooled by “Chicago” forecasts which were, in fact, O’Hare Airport which is miles from me at the lakefront.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Tony, thanks for the tips… Unfortunately for us, Michigan weather is a little trickier than most locales. I use Dark Sky and TWC. Better, my father was a weatherman in the Air Force and he passed his affinity for climate and the weather to me through a science project when I was a kid (aced it, best grade in the class, etc.). To say I’m a weather geek is an epic understatement of reality. Every once in a while we get pop-up storms that defy logic and radar.

      • Tony says:

        I go back with weather, too. In my previous incarnation reporting on the grains futures markets I wrote about the weather regularly. You can’t beat Mark Twain’s quote on the weather – “Everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.”

      • bgddyjim says:

        Exactly! Unless you believe in conspiracy theories. Contrails and all. Chuckle.

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