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Daily Archives: May 16, 2018

Cycling Sabbatical: Day Two

Rarely will we see such a perfect day for cycling. It was cool and damp to start but arm warmers were shed and pocketed after the first climb, ten minutes into the ride.

After, the weather was perfect, if a touch windy at times. Impossibly sunny, and a perfect 55 – 65° (13 to 18 C).

With a perfect day on our hands (and more up than we could shake a stick at), we didn’t worry about average again. We just had fun, laughed, talked and reminisced. It doesn’t get any better than riding with a couple of good friends.

69.9 miles, a little over four hours, 15.3 mph average and 4,000 feet of up (My phone picked up 3,650, Chuck’s Garmin 4,003)