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Tuesday Night Club Ride; Back to Fast… and Gratitude.

I thought back, sipping on my coffee whilst watching the Tigers’ game last night, to my first club ride. My friend, Phill, fell off the back of the pack a quarter-mile after I did after someone attacked at the front and took the pace north of 28-mph. I spent the next two miles chasing him down. I had no clue where I was or how I was going to get back…  I caught Phill and rode back with him and we’ve been friends ever since.

Last night’s turnout was decent even though it was pretty chilly and cloudy.  It seemed rain was a threat at any second though it never let loose on us.  We rode a seven mile warm-up loop at about 18 mph and lined up for the start of the main event.  I’d taken Monday off due to rain and some really tired legs and I was a little worried about how I’d feel.  Those worries were put to rest in the warm-up.  I felt fantastic.  Spry, even.

The A guys rolled right at 6 and we, the B group waited a couple of minutes…  We felt slow at the start even though we worked our way up to and beyond 20 mph.  After two miles we headed north, into the wind.  I was up front, I think with Jonathan, and we picked up the pace to 22-mph and kept it there for our mile.

Lately, we have a tale of two groups; one who does the work and another that tries to hang on at the back.  Not last night.  Last night was a perfect example of a club ride.  Everyone did their share, to the best of their ability and it was smooth.  That’s when I have the most fun.

Making a long story short(er), I came in second on both sprints, but I started each from the front after pulling at 25+ mph for more than a half-mile.  In other words, I’ll take second after being the lead out too.

We rolled across the finish line approaching 30 mph, 29 miles and change, at 1:20:12 or 21.1 mph for an average.  Not bad at all.  It was all high-fives and laughs back in the parking lot, as it should be.

I spent the rest of the night feeling grateful for being me.  Cool indeed.