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Tuesday Night Club Ride; Back to Fast… and Gratitude.


May 2018

I thought back, sipping on my coffee whilst watching the Tigers’ game last night, to my first club ride. My friend, Phill, fell off the back of the pack a quarter-mile after I did after someone attacked at the front and took the pace north of 28-mph. I spent the next two miles chasing him down. I had no clue where I was or how I was going to get back…  I caught Phill and rode back with him and we’ve been friends ever since.

Last night’s turnout was decent even though it was pretty chilly and cloudy.  It seemed rain was a threat at any second though it never let loose on us.  We rode a seven mile warm-up loop at about 18 mph and lined up for the start of the main event.  I’d taken Monday off due to rain and some really tired legs and I was a little worried about how I’d feel.  Those worries were put to rest in the warm-up.  I felt fantastic.  Spry, even.

The A guys rolled right at 6 and we, the B group waited a couple of minutes…  We felt slow at the start even though we worked our way up to and beyond 20 mph.  After two miles we headed north, into the wind.  I was up front, I think with Jonathan, and we picked up the pace to 22-mph and kept it there for our mile.

Lately, we have a tale of two groups; one who does the work and another that tries to hang on at the back.  Not last night.  Last night was a perfect example of a club ride.  Everyone did their share, to the best of their ability and it was smooth.  That’s when I have the most fun.

Making a long story short(er), I came in second on both sprints, but I started each from the front after pulling at 25+ mph for more than a half-mile.  In other words, I’ll take second after being the lead out too.

We rolled across the finish line approaching 30 mph, 29 miles and change, at 1:20:12 or 21.1 mph for an average.  Not bad at all.  It was all high-fives and laughs back in the parking lot, as it should be.

I spent the rest of the night feeling grateful for being me.  Cool indeed.



  1. joliesattic says:

    We had this old (50-60’s), spry guy in our group who took me on as a project. He got me going up to 25 regularly. It was exhilarating! I liked riding with him because of it. My husband liked it because he didn’t have to “babysit” me and could go as fast as he liked. Something most riders don’t realize is that when you are short and have short legs on a smaller bike, you’re working almost twice as hard as them to keep up. It was still fun and a challenge.

    • bgddyjim says:

      The other side of that ticket you punched, being able to ride with my wife, and I mean really ride, is something that is hard for me to describe without sounding silly. It’s special, and you’re awesome for putting in the effort for getting there. Women like you and my wife are blessings to guys like your husband and me.

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