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Fit Recovery’s Cycling Wisdom for the Day Part 1


May 2018

I’m going to start a new simple series of easy points. Today marks the first:

Clip-on aero bars… Too many bike riders have them. Only cyclists know how, or when, to use them.

If that simple statement angers you, you’re a bike rider.

Photo of a cyclist, properly not using her aero bars in a group


  1. Archetype says:

    Another one:
    Tubulars. Fat guy comes in the shop last week.
    Wants to put new tubulars on his 10 year old Jamis TT bike.
    Kindly ask him, you still racing? “No, just like the way they feel..

    Oh yeah, I hear ya., but the new type clinchers and tubeless are probably a better option now. Him: NO, no, no. I want the tubulars, and I want cheap ones. Me: WHAT?

    Okay, tires 45 each. Labor 150. Him: WHAT? Oh that’s ridiculous. Me: Well it takes 2-5 hours per tire to do the entire operation. Well, then I’m taking my bike back. Me: Super! buh bye. #Asswipe

    • bgddyjim says:

      What a dumbass! LOL!!! Cheap ones? Did you ask him if he wanted the team car option with those?!

      • Archetype says:

        I know, right? I swear the things people say when they come n to the shop. Guy no longer races…WANTS tubulars but wants CHEAP ones! I’m glad he took his bike and left!

  2. Makes me think of triathletes who only do their bike training at the Tuesday night group right, sit in the middle of the group on their aero bars. Either that or they ride 20 feet off of the back and train properly for a tri.

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