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A Bangin’ Month of May; More Miles than I could (or would) Shake a Stick at

I rolled out last Thursday afternoon knowing I didn’t have to do much to have a great month.  I was already sitting close to a record but I didn’t bother looking it up, I just rolled out.  18.6 easy miles later, and a quarter past six in the evening and my month was over.  30 days on the bike, out of 31, and a whopping average of 38-1/2 miles a day… 1,154 miles in May.  Better, and vastly more rare, I actually Everest’ed for the month – in fact, I almost made it in the five days I spent between my up north extended weekend and down in Kentucky, last weekend which is close to 25,000 feet just in those five days.  Folks, if I hit 15,000 feet of up in a month, that’s a pretty impressive for where we live.  We can do a century (100 miles) and not top 1,000 feet.

That said, 1,154 miles is definitely my best month ever by a bit more than 30 miles.

What made this month so special, though, was the amount of time I got to spend riding with my friends.  The camaraderie, between riding with my wife and cycling buddies, was spectacular.  While I love riding my bikes, riding with friends is where it’s at and there was plenty of that.

Best, there’s a choice that comes with all of those miles…  Either I can choose to drop weight like it’s going out of style or I can eat.  A lot.  To keep my weight up.  I choose a bit of both.  I won’t eat ridiculously, but I’m not afraid of an ice cream cone, either.

Long post short, cycling is strong and life is good.