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Get Fit with Friends; the Answer to Flab… and Boredom

I write, often, about the bonus of riding with friends. This week, the second unofficial weekend of summer, my friends and several hundred other cyclists drove up to the Traverse City/Interlochen/Empire area for the Northwest Tour.

The ride is SAG supported but there are no rest stops… once you’re on the road, you’re on your own for food and beverages. It does bring more money to the local economy this way, though.

There is more laughter and fun story telling than one could hope for in a year over the weekend. We camp together, eat together and ride together. Better, we motivate each other to make the best choices for our health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Life, as I’ve enjoyed it, doesn’t get any better.

Today is our final day, sadly. Our last 72 miles in a 250 mile three-day stretch. Seeing a few friends I haven’t seen since last year, I was reminded why I enjoy cycling so much.

Fit friends know how to enjoy life.

If you don’t belong to a cycling group or club, try to find one. Your life will never be the same. Mine is vastly better.