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Nothing much to Say…. at the Moment.

Sometimes life gets messy. You’re cruising right along and everything is great, and then bam.

The wheels fall off…

The weekend was fantastic. Lots of miles (I’ll end up with something like 320+ for the week. The Venge performed great, but there was a slight hiccup in the rear derailleur. There were two gears the derailleur didn’t like much so I installed a different cassette yesterday evening. The result was not good.

I’ve obviously got something I didn’t do quite right when I put the bike back together last week. I’m going to have to go back through and find a tutorial to redo that rear shifter assembly from the shifter back. Something’s a little loose so the derailleur won’t come into adjustment right.

On the plus-side, my wife and kids are heading out of town with the entire family so I’ll be alone all day to work on my bike…

Unfortunately, that’s the least of my problems.

My computer crashed Friday. A hard crash. Blue screen loop of doom and the whole nine yards. I’ve got the most important files backed up, so I’m not entirely pooched, but I’ve got some issues to work through. I’m currently restoring a previous version of my operating system, hoping that works.

Otherwise, I could be looking at a new computer which would be ugly… A lot of extra hours involved in getting things back to normal.

I own a small business, so I’m my IT guy.

So I’m typing this up at 4am on a Sunday, whilst my family sleeps, so I can hopefully get a jump on fixing things before Father’s Day gets rolling. My computer is restoring, after several attempts at fixing it using other tricks.

Point is, sometimes life throws us curveballs. Sometimes the next right thing is putting your head down and getting shit done so you can write about the results later. I know one thing in life; the answer is never do nothing. It’s never “look at how crappy my life is”. It’s never bemoaning my difficult lot in life. It’s never looking at life’s challenges as some “God/world/universe is out to get me” scenario. The answer is never curling up in the fetal position, hoping things will get better all on their own.

They won’t. They never do, not in my experience.

Even if I don’t quite know the next right thing to do, there’s always something I can do… Even if it’s just asking God to reveal the next right step.

Well what do you know… My computer is fixed after two days of screwing around with it. Now I’m on to more pressing matters. Like drinking my coffee so I can get ready for my ride in a few hours. I’ll be riding the Trek, though. Sadly, the Venge might take a few minutes to sort out.

I should have done a better job putting it together in the first place.