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Daily Archives: June 18, 2018

Some Mornings, all I can do is Hold On till the Aleve kicks in…

Yesterday was a ridiculously productive day, for a Sunday. I made the most of my wife and kids heading out of town…

By 4:30 am I had my computer running like a top again. I wrote a post waiting for the computer to boot. I rode at 7:30. Showered and napped by 11. I had my Trek torn down so I could install the 105 component set from the Venge by noon.

Over to the shop to order a bottom bracket at 12:30 (oops). Lunch at 12:50. I had the shifting sorted out on the Venge by 2 (small kink in the shifter cable for the rear derailleur – had to install a new internally routed cable). Then I took a break for an hour before beginning the process of putting the Trek back together. I slowed it down considerably at that point; better to do it once, right, than speed through and have to redo shoddy work. Dinner at 5:40 (pulled pork sammiches and a salad). The Trek was back together at 8:30 (with the exception of the crank/bottom bracket)… I watched Justice League, and was out at 10.

And I mean OUT.

On waking up this morning I was on the sore side of the ledger. My friends, by sore side, I mean I was hit. All I could do was hold on for the Aleve to kick in.

Ten minutes later I could breathe a little better without it hurting. Ten minutes after that and I was feeling like me again.

Sadly, it looks like rain this evening, so it’ll be a day off the bike. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, though. 318 miles last week…. woof.