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Maybe the Fitness Crowd would be Well-served to take something from the Recovery Crowd….


The most important thing in my life is my recovery. Without recovery, there can be nothing good in my life. There can be no happiness. There can be no wife, no kids, no job, no house, no pets, no cycling, no real friends… I would give up all that is good in my life to stay drunk or high, that’s just how it is.

For that reason, my relationship with my Higher Power, meetings, and the maintenance of my recovery come first. Before everything else, because without recovery there can be nothing else.

All too often I hear people make excuses for their lack of fitness. Some are legitimate, of course; single parents have it next to impossible once the kids get into the extra curricular activities at school. On the other hand, we know that if you don’t move it, you’ll definitely lose it, and bad things happen when you lose it, especially when we age. Once we’re advanced in years, even assuming we can find some time in retirement, it’s usually too late and the lack of fitness has taken its toll on the body. From there, it’s not even an uphill battle to extend life or at least stay out of the hospital/doctor’s office, it’s near vertical.

For that reason, I look at my fitness much like I do recovery. I can take time off here or there, even if I usually choose not to, but I have to be vigilant with myself about staying fit because in the end, it’s all about quality of life.

I have been on the sedentary side of life, where everything was sitting around the house, playing video games and eating. I live in less pain today than I did then, and I’m 47 instead of my late 20’s. My quality of life is vastly greater today than when I was inactive.

Today I make the time for fitness. I don’t let excuses get in the way, I just set aside an hour to get my butt out the door. I have to, or I’ll have my painful, miserable life refunded.

Fitness is a lot like recovery in that way. Just a thought.

A fit life is a happy life, though misery and pain can be refunded… Just have a seat on the couch, kick your feet up, and stay there.


  1. […] a way of spoiling a good cycle. Yeah, I’m looking at you Jim! πŸ˜‰ (And speaking of which, another good post to read […]

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    A great way to frame it Jim. Thanks for the extra nudge to keep at it.

  3. saoirsek says:

    I truly believe that you can adapt the program to pretty much all areas of your life. Also, keeps you honest. Thanks Jim, hope the triathlon training is going well πŸ™‚

    • bgddyjim says:

      It’s going GREAT… At least the bike part. Let’s see, I swam once last year… and I ran down a hallway last week…. so basically I can do a triathlon with a 100 meter swim, a 100 mile bike leg, and I can run down a corridor for the finish line.


  4. saoirsek says:

    Hahaha, love it! I like the sound of that triathlonπŸš΄πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  5. What a great little piece. And so true, fitness is very much a part of my life to the point it has altered my mindset. I’m happy when I’m active. Without a doubt recovery is as important after hard work. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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