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Sometimes a Fella just has to Work on Boosting the Vitamin D.


We rode 48-1/2 miles yesterday morning. Unfortunately, only 38 of them were dry.

The weather services were up in the air about rain. One said rain later, the other said rain earlier. We rolled at 7:30 hoping to get back before things got ugly. I chose the rain bike again, for obvious reasons.

The ride started out fairly easy, lots of catching up and so on. After the first half-dozen miles we got after it and a real ride broke out. We chose to head north, opting for a crosswind over a head, then tail, wind… except the further north we went, the uglier the sky got. We chose to head west to, hopefully, avoid the good old-fashioned H2O. For several miles it looked like the gamble paid off.


As we headed west, the sky darkened and we took evasive measures – south. South looked light. At least in a few miles. 35 miles in and we were chasing brighter skies, we could see the mist starting to thicken up around us. Two miles to our left and there was a wall of white. Then the mist hit us. The group decided there was nowhere to go but straight into it.

We put our collective heads down and got after it.

With five miles to go there was no escaping the rooster tails whipping up behind each wheel. The mist wasn’t a big deal, it was the spray from the rooster tails.  As conditions worsened, the speed picked up.  My wife took it up to 22 and when I took the lead I went overboard, up to 25 & 26.  Then the mist lightened, and almost stopped.  It was barely there as we turned the corner to home.

We pulled into the driveway wet, but smiling with an 18.2-mph average.

So, what about that vitamin D bit in the title?

Dude, the sun came out around 2PM, shortly after I’d cleaned all three road bikes (Trek, and my wife’s bike, then the Venge while I was at it). Mrs. Bgddy was meeting with a friend of hers and the kids were hanging out in their bedrooms…

I went for another ride.  I ran across my bud, Chuck getting his miles in, too (he opted for church in the am – a wise choice in hindsight).  About seven miles in, and I was thinking, “what am I doing?”  I didn’t have a very good answer, so I turned from home.  The sky was looking a little threatening anyway.  I settled in, though.  I finally got comfortable at eight miles and decided to stretch it out a little more to work on my tan lines.  They’re crisp, for sure, but not quite razor crisp.  They needed some work.

I was looking at 14-1/2 miles on the computer before deciding that was good enough and headed home.  I ended up with 18.8, and a better tan than what I had when I left.  I chalked it up to needing the vitamin D after a wet weekend.  Bad things happen when one doesn’t tend to the Vitamin D.


  1. unironedman says:

    Ah yes, Tan. Or as we call it here in Ireland, rust…

  2. joliesattic says:

    How fun! lol Good for you for being so tenacious out there. Oh those rooster tails… those stains that curl up to your back are the worst to get out. I’ve had many a jersey expire to that. Some are worse than others.

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