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Daily Archives: July 2, 2018

A Little Bit of TLC… Also known as Bicycle Maintenance

My wife and I rode up in Columbiaville over the weekend… all I can say after the last three days is it musta been a full moon.

I’ll save you the Google search. It was.

We rode a rail trail both Saturday and Sunday, 40.4 miles each outrageously hot, sunshiny day. We normally don’t mess around with rail trails but the arrangement being what it was, we couldn’t pass the quiet of the trail up. It was a great way to get our miles in.  My wife also mentioned how long it had been since we rode together, just she and me.

Unfortunately, that rail trail doesn’t clear out when it rains – all of the road crap just sits there on the trail. Our bikes were more than a little messed up on coming home. Mine had a tick in the crank, a result of road grime. Mrs. Bgddy’s had a sticky rear brake, and both had a megadeath’s worth of dried worms on each frame.

I switched the good wheels back to the Venge, then cleaned the Trek.  After, I tried to clean my wife’s cable without removing it entirely, then resorted to installing a new one (is it odd that I have replacement cables on hand, just in case?) when the easy fix didn’t produce the results I wanted.  Finally I tended to my own crank.  In all, I spent about an hour in the air conditioned comfort of the living room getting everything back to skippy.

While I could have justified polishing the couch with my butt, especially after the weekend we had, there was something therapeutic about tinkering on the bikes.  It’s a good personal “tick” to have, when you think about it.

At just 195 miles for last week, I’m looking forward to some big miles this week.  The Fourth of July always makes for a great week, and I’m looking forward to digging out the Stars and Stripes kit.