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Daily Archives: July 13, 2018

Thou Shalt Match One’s Kit to One’s Bike: I have done something a bit rash that may put me in the doghouse…

Okay, it’s well documented that I’ve got a penchant for matching my kit to my bike(s).  I had my Trek 5200 painted to match my Venge, and my wife bought my mountain bike to match the Venge…

Okay?  Well established, I like matching the kit to the bike.  Well, Mrs. Bgddy was recently bitten by the same bug, to the extent that others in the cycling club have noticed and commented on how well put-together she looks nowadays.

So, those damned ads that appear on websites that I visit are so well-tailored to me, I get caught now and again.  The other night I noticed a sale on Kask helmets over at Competitive Cyclist, so I checked it out.  I bought two.

I couldn’t help it…  Not only will my wife and I match our respective bikes, we’ll match each other!  Too cool, man.  That’s how it’s done.