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Kask Mojito Cycling Helmet Review

I recently purchased a couple of Kask Mojito helmets from Competitive Cyclist for a hundred bucks each, about half the retail price. Some deals I just can’t pass up.

Having worn Specialized or Bontrager helmets exclusively since I started riding, I had no idea what I was in for from the Italian manufacturer, but the helmets matched our respective bikes and they’re the same helmet so my wife and I match by default – I just thought that’d be cool.

I was expecting about the equivalent of the dome protectors I’m used to. I was mistaken, what we got vastly exceeded my expectations. Vastly.

The adjustable leather (possibly pleather, but incredibly comfortable) chin strap, the full head padding inside the helmet, the operation of the ratchet adjustment strap in the back that’s fully adjustable up or down so you can fit it where it’s comfortable on the back of your melon… and did I mention a leather chin strap?! The construction of the helmet and the thought that went into it, is exceptional. The helmet is beautiful, fits great and looks fantastic.

Finally, we get to the venting of the Mojito. It’s the first helmet I’ve been able to wear without some kind of backup head cover to deal with sweat. Here’s how the vents are described on Competitive Cyclist’s description:

The liner features a non-slip gel to ensure your helmet doesn’t slide as you move your head around. Twenty six air vents allow air to move freely and help pull perspiration away from your head to keep you cool.

The crazy thing is, the venting doesn’t only “pull perspiration away from your head to keep you cool”, the design of the venting and the padding helps keep the sweat from dripping down onto my sunglass lenses. I’ve ridden that helmet in temps above 92 degrees (I think that’s 33 C) and experience nowhere near the mess on my glasses that I’m used to.

The point is, the helmet is a bargain at retail, let alone what I paid for them. I recommend the brand highly as after a few hundred miles on mine, I’m looking forward to not having to replace that helmet for a good few years. In a word; exceptional.

Be sure to go by the European sizing and the sizing chart. The fit is snug and true to the chart, and at claimed weight of just 226 grams, it’s a fairly light melon protector.