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The Streak is Alive…. and Around the World. Twice. On a Bike.

It’s Saturday, 4:30am in the morning. Thank you, Lady Redundant Woman

There was a 4% chance of rain at 7am. It went up to 12% at 8 and 9. Just 14% at 10 and add another percent for 11.

This is the text I sent out at 6am:

Ridin’, baby! We have a window. 7:30 wheels roll.

Radar showed we were good. Weather Channel, sketchy but okay. Dark Sky? Rockin’, baby.

This is the text I sent out at 7am:

So much for that window. Going back to sleep.

It was raining cats and dogs, and sleep I did. It was wonderful. Still, being a cyclist from the enthusiast tribe, a Saturday off didn’t sit well. On the other hand, it had been 23 days since I last graced the couch leather with my heinie for a full day off the bike…

We (my wife and I) volunteered in the afternoon at my daughters’ inter-club swim meet – on again, off again rain.

We went out to eat lunch, ugly skies, sputtering rain.

We went home and I took a nap. My wife woke me up to go meet with a few others concerning logistics for the upcoming Assenmacher 100. The sun was trying to punch through the clouds.

The bikes had been readied to go for the morning so I proposed we ride the five and a half miles over.

Eleven miles. Not much but the streak continues. Barely. On the plus-side, the ride was a rare true commute, where we chose to ride rather than drive, and we only rode the miles necessary to get where we were going, take care of our business, then headed straight back home. Normally we go for dozens of extra miles.

As for the “Around the World” part, I just happened to notice that I’d crossed a couple of milestones in the last few weeks. First, that I just passed 50,000 miles since just before I started Fit Recovery in 2011. The first year wasn’t all that impressive with a whopping 1,820 miles, but that total grew in the years following:
2012: 5,360
2013: 5,630
2014: 6,000 (Low Estimate, I decided to unplug entirely for one year)
2015: 7,620
2016: 8,510
2017: 9,390
2018: 5,590 and counting (Guessing, I’ll end up around 9,000 miles again for the year)

Add those up, it’s 50,000 miles and some change (actually, that’s not, my summary page shows 50,046 miles and the rounded numbers above add up to just shy of 50,000 miles – I don’t know where Endomondo lost 50-ish miles, nor do I really care all that much) and the circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901 miles. Twice is 49,802.

I can remember when I was approaching my first lap around the earth, how good that made me feel… pretty awesome actually. The second trip around was a lot quicker, but what’s important is the richness cycling has brought to the lives of my wife and me. We’ve managed to have quite a lot of fun in all of those miles, and that’s what this was always all about: Fun. In the end, nobody is getting out alive so we may as well enjoy the time we’ve got.