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Beating the Rain on the Rain Bike – and Barely!


We rolled out yesterday morning at 7:30am. I walked out to a raindrop here and there, but nothing that would keep me from riding a second day in a row. Mrs. Bgddy followed a couple of minutes later and we mounted up.

The forecast was mostly clear anyway. Mostly, being the operative word.

I was on the Trek again, because the Venge has been in the shop for the better part of a week getting the shifting sorted (that’s for another post). Still, the Trek’s been solid with the Velocity wheels and the new components on it. Enjoyable to ride that I almost didn’t miss the Venge.

My wife started up front and set a nice first couple of miles pace. We had a newcomer to our weekend crew, as well. A solid B Grouper, he’s ridden with us a couple of times on Tuesday night.  I won’t lie… first, I’m stoked he’s a B Guy (and I hope he stays that way) and second, he’s a conscientious guy in a group.  It’s rare you get a new person to a group who doesn’t require work.

I took the second pull, after my wife took close to two miles(!) and took the pace from a steady 19 up to 21.  We were, according to the weather apps, on a timetable and I wanted to pack as many miles as we could get into the three hours we had.  I was up front for two and a half miles.  Then Chuck, Diane, John and back to my wife.  Matt was with us, but after a spring and early summer with hardly any miles, we were hiding him in the back until he gets his legs about him.

We kept in great rotation for almost an hour and a half, north of 20 mph the whole way, before turning for home.  A mile east, a mile south, another east and we were headed home with a tailwind.  We were working like a well-oiled machine, churning out consistent mile after consistent mile, each doing their part and keeping the pace lively, but not too lively.

The heavens spit on us intermittently, but just enough to counter the mugginess in the air but only enough to occasionally wet the asphalt beneath us.  The sky would lighten, then darken, then spit, then stop… it was one of those weird days where it wanted to rain but the clouds just couldn’t muster enough energy to get on with it.

We pulled into the driveway after 2h:52m and some change, with a little more than 55 miles in – and we beat the 10:30 forecast for rain by just a couple of minutes (we had a five minute restroom break at a park on the way home).

There were only five who showed up for the ride, plus me.  We never got wet, but it was one of those “you never know” days, and while showering off, the heavens opened up for real.  Sadly, anyone who waited either spent the rest of the day on the couch, or got drenched.  I was infinitely glad to be one of the few to show up.  It was a nice ride with friends.

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