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The Nice Cap to a Great Month of Cycling

July was a fantastic month of cycling for me. 1,167 miles, but what really gets me grinning is the average pace of more than 18.8 mph. This includes all rides throughout the month, whether active recovery or sport rides. If I look at just the sport rides, the average jumps to 19.75-mph (645 miles in 32h:30m). My average pace for the easier and active recovery rides was 17.75-mph (521 miles in 29h:20m).


I rode every day in July averaging around 37 miles a day. I didn’t, of course, ride 37 miles each and every day of July, who would have time for that?!  I rode long distances on the weekends and shorter, more manageable chunks during the week. That included one of my favorite rides of the month, logged just Monday…

I had a doctor’s appointment at 4pm and I had a sinking feeling that was going to be the downfall for my perfect July, assuming I wouldn’t get out in enough time to ride in a reasonable amount of light. It was a checkup and those require a lot of little pieces (ekg, bloodwork, urine sample, amongst other things) to get through the whole thing.

I was headed home around a quarter to six.

My wife had somewhere to be, so my daughter and I had dinner together and watched a bit of Star Wars (The Last Jedi). After dinner I looked outside, about 6:40-ish… there was more than enough light. I donned my kit and headed out the door with the Trek and a single bottle of water.


I rode just eight slow miles, averaging a bit over 16-mph. I didn’t worry about wind or getting into the drops to beat it, I just rode to loosen up my legs after Sunday’s hard ride. I was only out for half-an-hour but I felt like a hundred dollars pulling into my driveway. Was it a cheap move, just so I could say that I didn’t miss a day? Of course it could be looked at that way, and someone who claimed so wouldn’t be entirely wrong, but what is important is that I made the time.

I didn’t need that ride on Monday. I didn’t need the miles. I didn’t even need to write that I had a perfect month.

What I did was reinforce the importance of staying fit. No matter what, I make time to ride because the alternative is a broken down, tired, old body that only “kinda” works like it should. The alternative is also a chubby, unhappy Jim.  While some, through deception and manipulation, may be able to be at peace with a flabby body, I’m not one who can sit still for that.  I will not be one of those, “well life is too busy and pulled pork sammiches are too tasty” kind of people.


“Whatever it takes” is one of the important pillars in everything I do.  My happiness and recovery depend on it.