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“We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

August 2018
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I read an interesting post the other day, that I felt rose to a level of import for me to comment on here. Typically I like to keep politics off of my blog because it’s a dirty, ugly thing, politics. Typically I’m going to piss off a lot of people. I can leave sides out of this one, though.

I have a distrust for politicians equal to my love of all things cycling. If you’ve read more than a couple of posts on this blog, you know already, I am a cycling enthusiast of epic enthusiasm.

Politicians, are, for some reason or another, a necessary evil. I can accept this (or would that be except that? I digress). The second oldest profession is necessary, to the extent the first is said to be. I prefer the arrogant shits be kept on a very short leash, though.

It once was that Democrats were supposed to be the guardians of freedom. Those days are long gone, as is demonstrated by the gaffe uttered by one Jesse Dominguez as an explanation for why he voted to ban plastic straws in Santa Barbara, California. Someone had the temerity to ask, “What’s next?!”

“Unfortunately, common sense is just not common. We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

Now, when I use the word “gaffe”, I’m I’m not talking about the dictionary definition of gaffe: “an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder.” No, that’s too good for that knucklehead. The definition of his “gaffe” is “unintentionally telling the truth without hiding said truth in a bunch of bs jargon.”

Better, here’s his explanation/walk back:

“A few weeks ago I made a string of words in a rhetorical fashion about regulation and they were not taken as rhetorical and that’s my fault so I want to apologize.”

That’s a pretty impressive string of words alright. Here’s the best part; I’d be willing to bet he believes his constituents are dumb enough to buy that horseshit excuse.

Short leash, ladies and gentlemen. That f*cker forgot who’s boss. Time to vote his ass back to his fast food assistant manager’s job and remind him.

In a funny twist of irony, Mr. Dominguez has proven his own point, that common sense is indeed not common enough, even for cocky politicians. Common sense dictates that this is the United States, a free country. Mr. Dominguez has obviously missed that memo. As I wrote earlier, it’s time to send him back to fast food. Where they’ll use plastic straws. To remind him daily that this is America, and he is obviously an idiot.

Notice, please, I did not get into sides here. This post is about freedom from politicians, of any stripe. That should have made the five freedoms in the First Amendment, six.



  1. So did they ban plastic straws?

  2. joliesattic says:

    I totally agree with you, because that is exactly how I see it. Politicians are thinking they are part of a godhead, only the one that does not give us the freedom to choose. I understand businesses like Disneyland, zoos and others, choosing to eliminate them because people not discarding them properly and creating more work for them, but to outlaw them?
    Little by little they will dictate to us our every move, if. we. let. them.

  3. saoirsek says:

    Some of those guys need a meeting…

  4. Archetype says:

    I as you do not take sides. BOTH parties are corrupted criminal POS sociopatholigical scum. I stand for LIBERTY and FREEDOM. CHOICE being the crux of those two most important aspects of humanity. Scum like Dominguez not only need to be removed from any office but punished in some form imo. I’m not advocating violence here, but punishment none-the-less.

    He is a great example of why government needs to be nearly eradicated.Meaning dis-ban MOST of the federal gov. Perhaps keep a military and some other critical depts. But most of has got to go. Govern on community levels instead. The feds want to restrict and inhibit liberty and freedom as much as possible. They will continue to take…until we really push back. Now that may take more than just protests. (this by whatever means necessary imo)

    The government has gotten completely out of control. They need to be swiftly and severely dealt with, however that may be accomplished. But…unfortunately, the younger generations are apathetic and seem detached. So, it looks like we are fecked…but, you never know…

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