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A Fantastic Friday Morning Ride; There’s No Better Way for Me to Start a Day

We rolled at 7:30am in the morning (thank you Lady Redundant Woman), blinky lights a flashin’. The clouds were thick and low. I didn’t bother with sunglasses and was atop the Trek.

And not because it was going to rain, there was only a 10% chance, small enough odds that the Venge should have been the choice. I’ve come to appreciate the Trek. It’s old, and a little heavy, but with all of the new components on it, the bike is exceptional and enjoyable to ride.

It’s just… Cool.

Anyway, five miles in and everything was great. Seven in and the fog was getting thick. I had to take my glasses off after a turn up front to wipe them on the leg of my shorts so I could see.

Three miles later, the fog was lifting. Two more and the sun was breaking through the funk. We were cruising easy, a smile on my face, it was a hands on the bar top morning.

The rest of my day was a mess (work), but it was far more manageable because I’d gotten out for that morning ride.  I was grateful for being me right up until I fell asleep that evening, even through the troubles of the day.

Saturday was a carbon copy of Friday, though with a shorter distance.  After the ride I spent some time with a couple of my best friends, volunteering for the local ride.  We had lunch and quite a few laughs together.  There’s something about a little bit of work and time spent with cycling buds that makes good food taste even better.  After, I picked up Mrs. Bgddy’s wheel from the shop (broken spoke) and headed home for a much-needed 24 minute nap.  I woke up feeling refreshed so I took my daughter over to the shop and we worked a little more to get the food sorted and out the door for the rest stop volunteers.  After some pizza for dinner (mmm… pizza!), I watched a bit of Star Wars TLJ and drifted off to sleep.

Here we are, it’s 5am in the morning (thank you, Lady Redundant Woman) Sunday, and the ride goes in three hours.  I’ve been up for a bit more than an hour already.  There’s a chance for some rain today, so I’ve got the Trek dialed in and ready to go with the good wheels on it.

The A-100 always signifies the beginning of the end of the cycling season.  On one hand, it’s sad that we’ve only got a couple of months left before we’re bundling up to ride.  On the other, with the A-100 at hand, we’ve got some great cycling over the next month and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Fitness works best when it’s the result of doing what one wants to do for fun.  I wouldn’t want it any other way…. the alternative is a little too much like work.