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Will I ever Ride enough to become Bored with Cycling?


August 2018

Riding with friends during last Sunday’s Assenmacher 100, one pulled alongside me and asked if I ever get bored of cycling as much as I ride, if I ever have one of those days where I just don’t want to ride. I answered honestly: “I’ve never had one of those”. Ever.

Cruising down the road at 24-mph I explained that cycling puts a smile on my face every single time I throw a leg over the top tube, without fail.  I can’t explain it and I really have no idea why cycling doesn’t get old.  The truth is, I don’t try too hard to figure it out either, for fear I might come to realize that maybe I should be bored.  That would be miserable – so whenever the topic pops into the gray matter, I push on to something else.

Better to not play in the dark corners of my mind where I don’t belong.


As long as I keep having days like those, I don’t see how I could ever get bored, anyway.  I’ll go with that.


  1. Sue Slaght says:

    That’s fabulous Jim. Clearly cycling is a true passion and who can argue with something that has brought so much fulfillment to your life.

  2. chape says:

    Why would you get bored doing what you love? 😀

  3. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a pro cyclist, but so far I’ve never gotten bored of cycling! Keep those wheels turning! 🙂

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