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I never made any lasting memories on the couch. I’ve made countless on two wheels…


August 2018

I fell asleep early the night before. I was wiped out, simple as that.

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with eight hours. The weather services called for rain but we caught a break. An early window through which to ride. I sent out a text to Chuck and Mike that we could probably shoehorn a ride in at 7:00 as the rain was forecast to start at 8:45.

Chuck showed up at ten to seven, I rolled my bike out a minute later and Mrs. Bgddy came out a few minutes later. We rolled to meet Mike on the road…

Ah, all was well. We were dead into the wind and a little slow, but we were on the gravel bikes. We weren’t exactly worried about speed.

Then I turned my head to the west and saw this (at 7:30):

Ruh roh, Raggy (that’s Scooby Doo for “Uh oh, Shaggy”).

We decided to cut off several miles and head for home… pronto.

The rain started early. FORTY-FIVE minutes early, with just three miles to go. By the time we got close to home it was coming down in buckets. We were hammering for all we were worth. We’d gone out at an easy 12-mph pace. We were north of 20 on the way home.

That’s Chuck, up front and crushing it for home – he still had a couple of miles to go and the lightening was getting closer.

My wife and I pulled our bikes straight into the house to be cleaned up.

So there we were, my wife and I, cleaning our bikes. I was still in my muddy kit, my wife had changed into some old shorts, having a laugh at how messy we were. Mud covered, wet, and generally gnarly.

Mrs. Bgddy had a chuckle about that window we supposedly had. I had nothing to come back with. Seems every time I say we have a window, it closes a little early.

Twenty years from now, we’ll be laughing about that time we got caught out in the rain, trying to squeeze a quick Saturday ride in before the storms hit.

If we’d slept in and sat in front of the TV, knowing the rain was coming anyway, it would have been just another day.  Likely nothing distinguishable from any other day in front of the tube.

Ride hard, my friends. Have fun. Rest when it’s time to feed the worms.


  1. @vapor_sage says:

    To try and fail is far better than to not have tried-You gained something beautiful in your attempt- your delightful story supports that truth quite nicely

  2. Sheree says:

    Wise words!

  3. joliesattic says:

    Amen to that! I still and will always talk about my cycling and climbing days. I would like to move back to where cycling on streets is less dangerous and not so far away. Someday perhaps.

  4. theandyclark says:

    You’ve never made any memories on the couch? You of course realize you’ve activated my LONG slumbering dirty minded teenager brain. Oh, what the heck….

    You’ve never made any memories on the couch? Perhaps this is something to discuss with Mrs. bgddy rather than on a blog.

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