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Tuesday Night Club Ride: “Ecuadorian Rainforest” Edition


August 2018

That was how Todd, a friend of mine, one of the strongest local cyclists I know, and an all-around good guy described last night’s club ride.  It was almost comical how much water weight I lost last night.  It was so hot we drew two tandems and Dave, who normally ride with the A Group.

It was an excellent edition in the 2018 season.

We rolled about 30 seconds after the A guys, I counted seven of them, left.  We were two pace-lines and maybe fourteen deep each line with three tandems.  Mike and I were up front at an easy 18-ish-mph pace to let the group come together… once they caught on, we took it up to 21-22, into the wind (more of a breeze).

In all, after a few errors in judgement that created some holes, everything shook out and the group came together well.  I didn’t even bother looking at the computer much, so I had no idea the pace we were looking at, we just rolled – and with a fairly decent crew so the people who were pulling had ample time to recover before taking another crack at it.

I didn’t bother with either of the sprints, though it wasn’t easy laying off.  It was so damned hot and I really didn’t care to put forth the effort.  I did bridge to a breakaway group at the intermediate sprint, and I went with the second group for the final, but I was really only playing around.

The truth is, the ride was really quite uneventful otherwise.  In fact, the way I see it, it was pretty close to a perfect night on the bike.

I got home feeling quite good about life… only to find my new set of wheels for the Venge waiting in the foyer.  They showed up several weeks early.

More on that another day.  Let’s just say I’m a happy boy.  Initial inspection is wonderful, though getting a new 25mm tire on them has proved damn near impossible.  I have to enlist some professional help in order to get them on the road.  Once I quit tinkering with them and actually went to bed, I slept like a baby.

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