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And with that, Four 1,000+ Mile Months in a Row.


It was a marvelous day for a bike ride. Sunny (eventually – it was overcast at the start), and the wind was reasonable. The temp was another thing. It was as cold as we’ve had since June.

We all rolled with arm warmers, but others went for knee warmers and a vest (I was included in that latter group). I regretted the vest decision within eight miles.

It never warmed up enough to shed the knee warmers. The ride wasn’t our fastest but it was a lot of fun. 104.5 miles.


A glorious day for a bike ride and a new route. A lot of tailwind meant our average, on a second 100 mile day, was a solid 19.5-mph

There was almost 3,000 feet of climbing that day… and I think they snuck it all in on that last 30! It was rough on second-day legs. 99.7 miles.

That said, four 1,000 mile months are in the bag. Unbelievable is a good word for it. Surprising works, too.

What has been best of all has been what the miles have done for my attitude and outlook on life. Put simply, I’m one happy dude.

I was going to wait till tomorrow to publish this, but I woke up early and capped it off for Joliesattic. Sorry it wasn’t more, but I’ve got a big ride to get ready for! More tomorrow. 😁🚵‍♂️