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Losing Weight; The Easy Way Vs. The Hard Way. Choose.

My dear friends, I’m here with a public service announcement to shed light on the different ways of loosing weight… preferably on a bicycle… because cycling rocks, don’t ya know.

The Right Way:

  • Buy a bicycle (choose whatever you’ll ride a lot; mountain bike, commuter, or road bike), helmet, a few jerseys and a few pairs of bibs (or shorts).


  • Ride that bike.
  • Ride it some more.
  • Increase your mileage and your effort.
  • Eat responsibly.
  • Dude, that’s it.  Rinse and repeat.

*A bonus step:  Make some friends at your local club and ride that bike with them.  Laugh and have fun.  A lot of it.

The Wrong Way:

  1. Consult your astrology chart to make sure the planets are aligned for you to enjoy fitness
  2. Think about making a decision to get fit
  3. Think about buying a bike – taking three weeks to fully contemplate the idea
  4. Make a collage of bikes you might want and what you want to look like in your kit once you finally get rolling
  5. Check with your emotional support animal (how sad is that, relying on an animal for emotional support?  Seriously.)
  6. Come up with a plan
  7. Write out your plan
  8. Deconstruct your plan
  9. Reconstruct your plan
  10. Cut your plan in three and rearrange it so you know it works, front to back
  11. Come to the conclusion that you love your plan
  12. Change your plan
  13. Repeat Steps 6-11
  14. Realize you started the process in April and you’ve been through the entire summer…. it just snowed.  Recalibrate plan for spring.
  15. Research styles of bikes (for three weeks)
  16. Research brands of the style you think you might want (another three weeks)
  17. Decide on a different style of bike
  18. Research new brands of the style you think you might want
  19. Research helmets, jerseys, shorts (or bibs), gloves… taking three more weeks
  20. Research stores that you might want to purchase everything from
  21. Research websites just in case you might want to go that route…
  22. ….

Now look, I could keep this going.  I’m guessing fifty, maybe sixty steps.  To put it simply, you never get to the actual riding part because you’re too busy trying to plan everything out.  Stop it.  Make a decision and roll with it.  No plan necessary, just some exercise.  I didn’t do anything right when I first started, but one foot in front of the other I got there in short order – and I managed to lose some significant weight in the process.  And that’s what it’s all about.